The annual condo owners meeting/monthly board meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 10 at 7:00 pm in the community room. We will be announcing the results of the election of board members and installing the new members prior to the meeting. All should attend and take part in our community. It is not only our right and our privilege, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to be aware of what is going on and to participate.

With Apologies to David Lettermen Written by William T. Gardner

Top 10 ListTwenty years ago David Lettermen took a small craze and turned it into a national institution for all of us to enjoy. This craze was the “top ten list” and courtesy of David Lettermen these lists have covered everything from the ugliest pets to the most beautiful celebrities; and so with apologies to our mentor this is Wyndham Commons’ top ten list. A list of ten things you do not want to hear at a board meeting.

10) “We are out of coffee/who ate the last doughnut” The cry originates in the back of the room and quickly engulfs the entire board. Then like an army of starving volunteers, all business grinds to a stop.

9)  “It costs too much money” Everybody wants it done and the cost is not important. Then they hear the cost and do not want to pay that much from the reserves.

8) “No!” The word is small, but carries a major impact. Then when it is voiced all discussion ceases and the matter is closed on the floor and everybody who thinks differently is left without an opportunity to sway the masses.

7) “Meeting adjourned” The phrase that ends all formal discussions by all interested parties. Then the way is clear for disorganized shouting of views, arm twisting of fence sitters, and time for the board to make a hasty retreat.

6) “Not the board’s responsibility” When it is a hot topic the board can be heard in unison repeating this phrase as its latest mantra. Then all the residents know nobody wants to take responsibility

5) “It will be posted on the bulletin board” Everybody wants better communication throughout the community and this is the board’s answer. Then nobody reads the bulletin board because of the time it takes and the residents still wonder what is happening.

4) “We will discuss it next month” This is the standard response when the board is caught unprepared. Then next month comes and only one person remembers and the board tries to postpone it again.

3) “Five minutes to NCIS” This is everybody’s favorite TV program, including the boards. Then when it gets to this time everybody starts to squirm, check their watches and stretch. The board understands they better wrap it up.

2) “Let Tidewater do it” This opinion is the universal cry when work is to be done. Then everybody decries having Tidewater run the community and charge for their services.

1)  We need volunteers” This is proclaimed every time there is work to be done by the community, for the community. Then as the phrase still echoes building to building the residents have suddenly gotten very busy and scurried home to do whatever it is they think is important in their condominium.